Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Correction

I have stated many times that nobody has ever overdosed on marijuana, and while that is true, it turns out there IS an edge to it. I thought it great once when in Viet Nam to have gotten to sample plain, homegrown pot from across the river (Quang Tri) given to me by a good friend on my first day in my new duty station.
Vietnamese marijuana is wonderful...It is so light flavored that one hardly realizes that it has any effect on them.
I personally smoked an entire joint, and was only mildly stoned, and so lit up another one...only half way through it, the first joint suddenly grabbed me and suggested I was really really stoned!
Oh yeah....
I stumbled around the post, wandered across the road to Red Diamond unit, met a buch of really great folks (none of whom remembered the following day) and then made my way back to my unit.

Really stoned...

There, without transportation, and safely tucked between the Air Force, the Marines, and in the Army, I was safe.
However, here in the states, there is something called edibles, and the thing it, when one eats pot laced foods, there are few clues as to how high one is until the second shoe is dropped. And sometimes not until the third shoe is dropped, either.
If one is driving while high, then there are some real dangers involved... possibly similar to the dangers of alcohol. A lack of alertness, focus of destination gets blurred (especially when one passes a food establishment), and a tendency to over reach the limits of one's thought processes (as in music from the radio becomes part of the drivers mental status, or state of mind)

DON'T get high and go for a drive. Besides being too expensive, wasteful, and dangerous, it has no purpose. If you want to enjoy a "trip" through the countryside when smoking pot, then take a bicycle ride or let someone straight, sane, and sober drive.

Beyond that, it is still the most benign drug of any one can find, it has been medicaly proven to help in assisting in the curing of at least seven cancers (Breast, Bowel, Lung, Brain, Skin, Prostate, and some forms of Leukemia) and can help settle down or calm tremors of Cerebral Palsy, Alzhiemer's, Muscular Dystrophy, and Parkinson's, can relieve the pressure of Glaucoma patients, can calm the mental horrors of trauma. The addiction level is a little less than pork rinds, and contrary to what most less learned politicians preach, does NOT create a gateway to harder drugs. Of the doctors who have seriously studied its effects and positive aspects, most have stated plainly that it is harmless especially when compared to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, speed, and the most dangerous of all...the most lethal drug known to man...tobacco.

But it does have an edge, and the best way to overcome that edge is, don't get high and drive. Take a cab  or bus. Call a friend. Take a bike or walk.

Heck, if you walk, you'll probably forget where you were going in the first place, and end up just getting some exercise and fresh air.


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