Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Man is a man That Doesn't Make the Earth Better?

This would be the whoa momma model fresh off the Mercedes Benz show floor...

We have been watching the tides change now since President Nixon's day, and it is a guaranteed fact that even as far back as the 1940s, the knowledge that we were tapping into a finite product was apparent to most governments of the world. Henry Ford had an idea of the situation when putting his Model T into production. To his way of scientific thinking, the figures were that 90% of the world's fossil fuel should have been replaced by bio-mass products by today. Even the first cars off his line were meant to run from hemp oil, as THEY were replaceable. Renewable by the user.
Opponents said it flatly like this,  "The U.S. Government was robbing taxpayers to make farmers rich,"

So, not exactly that snazzy bit of Mercedes Benz up top, eh?
That's Henry up there in the drivers seat. Hard to believe that he knew way back then that there was going to be a scramble for destroying the Earth, wouldn't you say? Now, it has been said that I have an emotional bent when I write, and that may very well be true, but, not so much as to exaggerate. OK, sometimes. But not here.
An example, if you will.
When saddam hussien retreated from Kuwait, he opened as many valves as he could to the off shore rigs and set fire to the rigs on the ground after mining around some. And they say at times, you couldn't even see the sky...

...not just one well

...not just two or three...

...but walls and walls of the black plumes...

...and walls...

Day looked like Night...
and Night looked like Hell...

...somewhere near 5 million barrels of crude burnt every day.
Five Million Barrels.
Every Day.
It was touted as the worse man made disaster ever in history,
burning from January 1991 until November 1991.

Killed animal and plant life through-out the Gulf,
filled the air until downwind, everything tasted like oil.

Five million barrels a day?

Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates produce more than that every day.
And they aren't even the highest producers.
They are United Arab Emirates, #8
and coming in at Tenth, Kuwait.
Our "poor" cousin of our Southern Border is #7. Mexico.
Imagine that, will you? Now...why do their people come here?
An interesting correlation can be found in #5, China, and #6, Canada.
Canada, producing around 3.2 million barrels a day recently bragged about the pipeline they wanted running through the United States. A pipeline that President Obama vetoed until further study.
China, while in the top twenty producers of oil, do NOT rate in the top twenty exporters. And, they had a pipeline explosion that it is said going to take near a decade to repair, IF it can be repaired at all.
#4 Iran produces over 4 million barrels a day, though destinations seem a bit hard to find.
The United States, at third place...#3 produces over 9 million barrels of oil every day, and, like China, NOT on the exporters top twenty list. Not on the list at all, near as I can tell.
Saudi Arabia pulls up at #2 in the world top oil producers, with 9.7 million barrels of oil a day. And the number one exporter of oil.
And now.......[drumroll]
The World's GREATEST Oil Producer, and second only to Saudi Arabia in exports....
RUSSIA with over ten million barrels produced per day, and
5.4 million barrels exported per day.

In other words, What the world shrunk back from in 1991...
is topped by Russia every day. Over five million barrels a day.
And they do get burned.
But, so do the oil barrels staying in Russia, and Saudi Arabia's get burnt, and just because we are not the top exporter (or even close) ours gets burnt, too.
In fact. the top twenty producers show a total of 70.8 million barrels a day.
14 Kuwati oil fields burning at their peak.
And, since that is steady, we can assume that it gets burnt.
Only spread around more.

So, was I exaggerating about "a scramble for destroying the Earth" ?

So, you see that cannabis bodied automobiles would use less fuel...
and my heroes (every since Ford turned down the tarp money) like UK Ford and their Canabeo

and Canada and their Kestral and Motive

and Porsche

and Lotus

so, in the greater story, when Canada, Mexico, the Mediterranean nations, Asia and Europe start selling these cars, will people here still say, "But they're shipping our jobs overseas!"
or will they then FINALLY realize that the marijuana and cannabis industry is exactly what is needed to STOP the cycle of black clouds. End the death grip petroleum industries have over us.

Well, and what with being harmless, it should be legal to smoke recreationally, too,
not like this...

bibliography, or LINKS as they call them.
Personally, I prefer patties.

(mercedes benz)

(thouroughly modern vehicles)


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