Monday, August 27, 2012

Basic Facts About MARIJUANA

The most amazing fact about Marijuana 
is that nobody has ever died of a marijuana overdose in the entire history of the world. And yet the US government spends around $10.7-$14 billion a year on arrests, prosecutions, and punishment.
Add another $10 billion of National Institute of Health (NIH) and Center for Disease Control propaganda and wasted money outlays to colleges and universities to find long term or short term dangers of marijuana (and not only couldn't they find any, but MOST researchers, doctors and staff realized that marijuana was harmless for the most part.
The NIH has grown to encompass nearly 1% of the Federal government's operating budget. The NIH now controls over 50% of all funding for health research, as well as 85% of all funding for colleges and universities. That's a total of about two thirds of ALL money spent on research and medical study, and in America, that total is about $500 billion annually.

All that spent on demonizing something that hasn't ever overdosed anybody, and yet, tobacco is directly culpable for over 400,000 American deaths yearly. (54 an hour, or, if it takes fifteen minutes to read this, another dozen people will have died)
Or take fast food restaurants, junk food and snacks, and a lifestyle of sitting and watching teevee... around 365,000 people die yearly of heart attacks. Bad diet and sedentary lifestyles. Perhaps we should make a law demanding that everyone does calisthenics every morning? make junk food illegal?
Alcohol deaths per year is still being rewritten by the Center for Disease Control, so the statistics are very skewed. However, roughly 45,000 people die of direct use of alcohol during their lifetimes, and another 15,000 people die due to drinking and driving. (these are old figures, and the source no longer exists)

Getting down to the absolute end, Aspirin kills more people a year than marijuana. Actually...PEANUTS kill more people a year...
 than marijuana has for the past 5000 years.

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