Friday, June 6, 2014

Stealing the Future

Where once we were a nation of murdering bigots, killing off whole tribes of people from their land so that we could spread our garbage across it as we pleased, the going fad is a continuation of use it and throw it away... And evidently, it pleases some people because there are fast food wrappers spread across every major highway and road from Maine to Southern California...and beyond. Thanx to help from Japan ,China, Malaysia, and garbage scows from points west, we have created two free floating islands of crap in the Pacific (...of course, now that the conservatives have tapped infinite money to project their "truth" on us, the islands of crap are being called modern evolution. This from a group who have fought tooth and nail for the 6000 year old Earth...) on occasion,  tight enough on calm seas to walk on. Primarily bits of plastic as in the smallest broken pieces of grocery/walmarket plastic bags. The overall width varies, but at it's largest, one is larger than Alaska, and the other is as large as Alaska and Texas.
Modern evolution, and with the promise that no harm is coming to animals that feed on the trash is a turning of a blind eye to the problem presented...
Do they imagine for a moment that this bird was happy in its last gasping of life?

It looks like these conservative "scientists" are using the same muscles that Congressional conservatives use...their mouths instead of their brains.
Birds starve to death by eating something it cannot pass, had no nutritional value, and possibly needed WAY more seasoning to be tasty.
Maybe for Annalee Newitz, who brought us this great news via her blog which is evidently selling us the idea that scientists are randomly guessing abut the importance of insects living on these islands. But for Ms. Newitz and head scientist, Ms. Goldstien, we could put seasoning on this crap and they can eat that. Everyone in the office has decided to pass, and hope that these scientists are never given the option of putting plastics IN a food group.
Something about it just doesn't appeal to any of us...

Really intelligent, eh?
I mean, on this continent, were these peoples who lived and warred against each other at times, but, nothing like what the Europeans brought to the table when they arrived. As they had been at war with each other all that time meant that their warmonger ways were improved to the technology of the day. France, England, Holland, Spain, Portugal...these were the big players.
Murdering whole cultures in the name of some fantasy god. Quite reminiscent of the Jews saying it was the great "I am" that told them to kill all the tribes in what was to become Israel...Kill all the men, women and children of the villages, burn the villages down, kill all the living beasts there. That was the preferred technique of  Genghis Khan. The "Exodus" happened after Genghis Khan, so the great "I am" isn't even being original, anymore.

Gone hollywood on us, as they say.

But what was taught from the Eastern countries for a thousand years, and Europe for another 500 years, and that became some 400 years of continuous wars, didn't have near the effect of the last century. 
Not even close.
So polluted have we gotten that "scientists" are trying to convince us that it's okay to be this way. But they forget one major factor...It has never been that the Earth couldn't absorb the worse that we can throw at it!

It's about whether WE want to live in the Slime
or Eat the Plastic
 that is being created in the name of being "modern"