Saturday, November 29, 2014

What Good is an Obama?

It's too bad we don't have a President that can get a grip on our rights. One would have thought that Obama would have been keen on equal rights for women since he went to all the trouble he did to get equal rights for gays, transgenders, and asexuals. But he did not.
Or marijuana, a product that absolutely nobody in the history of the world has overdosed on (versus the more than two thousand overdoses of alcohol that ended in death every year), and that has eight cancer cures within its scope, hundreds of thousands of jobs, and is recreationally fun to enjoy. But have our rights been given back to us to choose for ourselves? No. ...By the way, when I call Obama "ignorant" it is because the college he supposedly graduated from, Harvard, has been saying that marijuana is a possible cure for many cancers since 1974.
How about a minimum raise from Congress? Has Obama done anything for that? No....and the Congress that gets an automatic pay increase EVERY YEAR is not of the mind to be passing out any increases anytime soon.
Can those with lots of money buy the government? Yes. Happens all the time, and is near impossible to end because Republicans now-a-days speak out of both sides of their mouths. They call campaign donations "Freedom of Speech" even though that means the ONLY freedom of speech is that speech of the rich man.
Militarizing police forces? Really a stupid stunt, and ready for the backfire. You see, even if a cop is wrong, he may point his gun at absolutely anybody he wants to and shoot them dead. If you can take his gun, then you have become a double target of all police. The blue curtain is real, cops cover for other cops right or wrong, and the last people anyone should go to for help is the cops. They cannot be trusted, they are murderers and accomplices, and they don't give a flying rat's behind about you, your rights or your freedom OR life. You are just a bump in their otherwise smooth road, and the sooner you are dead, the better they will look to others on the force.
But has the President done ANYTHING to bring freedom, rights, or justice to us?
And they want to offer us Hillary Clinton???
That's even worse. She responded quickly and effectively when she first found out that the NSA and the CIA were listening to the conversations of politicians, bringing it to a screeching halt ASAP.
Of course, she continues to give the thumbs up to all government departments that listen to our conversations, read our mail, basically inspect our lives without warrant, reason, or necessity.
She not only demonizes marijuana, but also demonizes the medical cures offered by marijuana and has backed the legislation (Feinstein, Bayh, and Grassley) to double the penalties of medicinal marijuana users.
Clinton's idea of double standards is well known to some. She praised Al-Jazeera for in-depth reporting that pulled no punches, while simultaneously condemning Julian Assange for releasing diplomatic mail to the public.  You might imagine that she will make a stand for women's rights...but, I doubt that very much. She wants to run two terms (more money, less work) and as she already knows, President Carter had but a single term because he felt so strongly for women's equality that he begged the court for more time to get in just three more states ( and more than likely, THAT is what cost him his second term. Well, that and Reagan announcing that he would be glad to get the US on board for another depression (Black Monday) and while he was at it, get his hands into more wars than any other president ever, plus, as an added bonus, he would be glad to supply, support, train, and give logistics to bin laden.

But for now? Obama is of no use to you me or the man in the moon. Clinton is a worse choice than Obama. The entire Republican Guard is the absolute bottom of the barrel. They want to (given free hand) get rid of social security, end all government payouts (except for political retirement checks with their automatic increases every year), take RAPE off the law books because as Mourdock once said, it's a blessed event from God. No more abortions even if it was your drunk uncle's baby (remember...rape doesn't exist. Uncle Bubba is an angel sent from god to impregnate girls) oh, and end healthcare.
Funny thing, that. Healthcare that we poor are actually contributing to monetarily are supposedly a bad thing, and that is because we ARE paying for it. But then, if we don't have healthcare insurance, and the hospital fixes us? Then the entire bill goes to the American taxpayer. That won't be for long, however, because the HHS will be neck and neck with the defense budget, and as soon as Republicans start a new war then the call will be "Do you want your freedom or your social security check?"

Personally, I think we should just give all of Congress a four year vacation, WE, the People will do our own voting (No help from a liar like Boehner) and maybe then we'll get a few things done.

This time, I'm voting for Gary West. Sure hope he runs again. More than enough of us are fed up with Republican shenanigans, Obama's ignorance, and an alien political court of fools INCLUDING a supreme court that just can't make up their minds if charging us more is the way to go or slavery. Right now, they are leaning towards slavery.