Friday, February 1, 2013

"Modern" Day Religions

The Unites States has become a nation of religious zealots, who at the drop of a hat (or the passing of same) will wax unending upon the virtues and "truth" of the Holy Bible ...that is, insofar as their own personal foibles are not brought to light.
Indeed, one of their "truths" is to not lay with the same sex....
 (dare I ask with whom would a hermaphrodite lay with?)
and that at one time, when caught, these "sinners against God" were dragged out into the street and stoned to death, along with other such dastardly people as those who masturbated, had wet dreams, or committed adultery. That this barbaric event doesn't exist anywhere except Iran, Malaysia, Afghanistan and a few other backwards countries only allows the modern scribes and pharisees point out how much more civilized and cultured we have become by not randomly murdering people for their personal choices anymore. Now we only curtail their rights, their lives, and deny them any semblance of equality...all based on a fantasy book known as the Holy Bible.
However, when considering that working on a Sunday is also a death sentence is usually forgotten when the firemen are putting out the fire in your house, or the paramedics are reviving your family from a heart attack, or the policemen are arresting some burglar stealing your teevee. Oh...your teevee, I forgot. At least three chapters of the bible call for your death if you worship an idol. How do you determine if you "worship the teevee as an idol"? Have you ever told anyone to shut up when it's on? If you lose the remote, do you find yourself bowing in front of it to adjust buttons? Is it the CENTER of your entertainment area? Then it is your idol.
Being a medium or spiritualist (or at least pretending to be) or pretending to prophesy, whether for money, or entertainment, or just in plain fun, are all punishable by death.
Striking your parents or even cursing them, or being a stubborn and rebellious son. Or being a profligate and a drunkard...get the stones out, mama, we're going to go kill someone tonight!
But don't stop there, folks, because being uncircumcised, eating leavened bread during the Feast of the Unleavened Breads, manufacturing anointing oil, or sexual activity with a woman who is menstruating, eating peace offerings while ritually unclean, or going to the temple or church in an unclean state. Yes, there seems to be no end to how a person may be judiciously declared a transgressor and murdered in the street, either by stoning, or in some cases murdered by fire.

All in the name of a Holy God, the Creator of All Life on Earth.

It just makes the mind reel, doesn't it? I mean when considering Creation....
That a group of goat herders getting drunk on the plains over 3500 years ago knew more than learned professional astronomers know now after years of study and scientific journaling.
Oh...and we'll need those scientists to show up for their stoning sometime this week,... say Wednesday or Thursday? We have some special stonings early this week to punish people who were attempting to convert  people to other religions via teevee....

Brought to you by the makers of modern day religious fervor, and their sponsors,
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