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Ryan J. Reilly recently penned a news report for Huffington Post with the headline: 

DEA: State Marijuana Legalization 'Reckless And Irresponsible'

The contention of the DEA was simple. Legalization of a harmless plant was dangerous to the public and should not be allowed in any way shape or form, including hemp farms that utilized some of the new directions  marijuana was going (car bodies, fuel, housing, and pharmaceuticals) though always short of the answer as to why it was dangerous. You see, Doctor Obama unbelievably offered his ridiculous conjecture that marijuana was no more harmful than alcohol. According to the CDC: There are approximately 88,000 deaths attributable to excessive alcohol use each year in the United States. This makes excessive alcohol use the third leading lifestyle-related cause of death for the nation. In 2006, there were more than 1.2 million emergency room visits and 2.7 million physician office visits due to excessive drinking. The economic costs of excessive alcohol consumption in 2006 were estimated at $223.5 billion.
Marijuana is holding steady at zero deaths EVER due to ingestion of the plant, either by smoking or eating food products with the substance incorporated within it, or even the oil being used by some to cure their cancers... 
"Marijuana is LESS dangerous than peanut butter" would have been a more accurate statement, as  124 people die annually from consuming peanut butter. 

So, where is the danger in marijuana?

The DEA and local police forces combined with the new Militarized police forces being created all across the nation have become a prime danger to those who use marijuana, or those who know others who use it, or completely innocent neighbors and children. A little under 100 people die at the hands of these police forces, swat teams, DEA regiments, and various other government attack groups.
They land usually at early hours to avoid detection or scrutiny from neighbors, break into homes with or without warrants, kill anyone who speaks or awakens and reaches for their glasses or to turn on a light. In fact, more innocent people are killed by the DEA and militarized police forces in a single year than have been killed by marijuana ingestion ever..

Some 63 people were shot and killed by our American Gestapo Regiments, a few with insignificant amounts of marijuana (mostly for medical use) and some without. 

Consider Tarika Wilson of Lima, Ohio.
Tarika was a single mother of six. Lima police executed a SWAT raid with guns drawn to arrest her boyfriend on small-time drug dealing charges. Officer Joseph Chavalia was upstairs when the sound of the other officers shooting Wilson’s dogs downstairs startled him. He shot and killed Tarika, who was unarmed, on her knees, holding her 14-month-old son and complying with orders to get down on the floor (her son was shot twice but survived). Chavalia was cleared of any wrong-doing. 

Government agencies were interested in the property of Donald P. Scott, a 61 year old from Malibu, California, a reclusive millionaire. A warrant was issued based on concocted “evidence” of supposed marijuana plantings, and a major raid was conducted with a 32-man assault team. Scott was shot to death in front of his wife. No drugs were found.
A later official report found: “It is the District Attorney’s opinion that the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department was motivated, at least in part, by a desire to seize and forfeit the ranch for the government. Based in part upon the possibility of forfeiture, Spencer obtained a search warrant that was not supported by probable cause. This search warrant became Donald Scott’s death warrant.”

 Which brings us to WHY?
A common denominator of many drug arrests is that all properties go to the arresting agency, with portions going to State agencies and the DEA. After all, militarizing local police forces and the training of same costs money. Especially since cities, states, and others are now facing charges to pay for their total incompetence. So the idea of locally claiming lands, properties, and monies for those who are powerful in the same communities is definitely a motivation. 
And like all motivational goals, the idea is that Marijuana is dangerous....... To those whose jobs rely on coercing the population into  readily handing over cash and other valuable considerations.

Yet, on a local level, there is not much more than a brutish force of hatred and racism. How much can this all cost? That is, beyond the pittance eaten by the local greed. 

Mario Paz, a 65 year old from Compton, California, was shot twice in the back in his bedroom as he laid on the floor. No drugs were found.

Kenneth B. Walker of Columbus, Georgia, and three friends were pulled over by police in a drug investigation. Although no drugs or any kind of weapons were found, Walker was shot in the head. He was a management employee of Blue Cross and Blue Shield, a respected member of his church, a father and a devoted husband. 

Officers conducted a drug raid on a mobile home in De Valle, Texas. Tony Martinez, 19 years old, who was not the target of the raid, was asleep on the couch when the raid commenced. Hearing the front door smashed open, he sat up, and was shot to death in the chest.  
Marijuana arrests in 2010 were  about 854,000, and while down slightly from 2009"s 858,000, the arrests accounted for more arrests than ALL other drugs combined, and constituted 52% of all drug arrests in 2010.
Nearly 8 Million People have been arrested on marijuana charges since the year 2000, and that is according to the FBI records. 88% ( 750,000) of those arrests were for simple possession only, while 12% were for everything from large smuggling operations all the way down to those growing a single plant in their closet, with is construed to be a threat because of total weight, though the police may be weighing the stem, and dirt, and even the clay pot holding the plant.  Or like the fellow who put his medicinal marijuana into brownies, and though he used less than a quarter ounce, was charged with the entire weight of the brownies (flour, eggs, cocoa, sugar, etc.) at 1.5 pounds, and that was when the threat of a life sentence without parole came in to play. LIFE without parole.

Ashley Villareal, a 14 year old child from Antonio, Texas, went outside at night with a family friend to move their freshly washed car under shelter. DEA agents, interested in her father, were staking out the house, and believing that her father was driving, shot and killed Ashley. The agents did not have a warrant for her father. 

When Alberto Sepulveda, an eleven year old seventh grader from Prescott Senior Elementary School in Modesto, California, was told to drop to the ground with his arms out away from him, a SWAT team police officer walked up and shot him point blank in the back, killing him instantly.

At the end of 2010, about 7.1 million people, or one in 33 adults, were either in prison or on probation or parole. About 1.4 million were in state prisons, 200,000 in federal prison, and 700,000 in jail, for a total imprisoned population of about 2.3 million. Nearly 4.9 million people were on probation or parole.
More dreadful than that is that over 3000 people are doing LIFE with NO CHANCE FOR PAROLE, and that includes people who had but a plant or two growing in their own home, garden, or caught in a field whether or not they were actually growing. 

Murderers get parole and early outs. Armed robbers, the same. As well as rapists, miscreants who bilk the public out of their money. Enron's Jeffrey Skilling is situated to be released from prison in 2019, just five years from now. He has received much in the way of propaganda for release, none the least of which was that it was "cruel and unusual punishment to keep him longer because he harmed nobody.
I would venture to say that the thousands who lost all of their savings, their bank accounts, and their jobs due to this miscreant's "harmless" theft would have a different perspective on if there was harm done.
But then, big business can do that, can't they? Control and batter the will of the people in order to gain their own filthy lucre. Living the life of rielly in a low-security prison. Richard Dawkin's book, The Selfish Gene, was Skilling's favorite book and served as the foundation of his managerial philosophy. To his mind, Skilling's interpretation was that money and fear was the only thing that motivated people.

So, clearly, those who do great harm to others are "innocent" and those who really do not harm anyone are doomed to prison for life without parole.
What madness is this government to let this continue? To what end?
Our future safety? Like seat belts?
To be sure, the seat belt laws have never saved a single life. Only those who use seat belts have that safety net, but the laws themselves are just another way to tax a people, to procure income for whatever the city, county, state needs or wants. But even then, not everyone using a seat belt is immune from harm.
That is the motif, however, of the law as it was put into place by Elizabeth Dole, and to appease the car manufacturers who felt it too expensive to put in airbags (a much better safety net) at the time. Only now, ALL cars are manufactured with airbags. Why is the seat belt law still in place?

A law once established is harder to remove than to erase. Especially when money is a motivational feature.

Kathryn Johnston, an 88 year old woman from Atlanta, Georgia, lived in a rough neighborhood and a relative gave her a gun for protection. When she noticed men breaking through her security bars into her house she fired a shot into the ceiling. They were narcotics officers and fired 39 shots back, killing her. The police had falsified information in order to obtain a no-knock search warrant based on incorrect information from a dealer they had framed. After killing Johnson and realizing that she was completely innocent, they planted some marijuana in the basement. Eventually their stories fell apart federal and state investigations learned the truth. Additional facts have come to light that this was not an isolated incident in the Atlanta police department.

Riverdale, Georgia, 29 year old Lynette Gayle Jackson, shot to death in her bed by SWAT team. 

Speaking of motivational features, are you aware that of the two major motivators--That of gaining a thing, and that of keeping from losing an item one already has-- that the later is the stronger motivator?
If you know a cigarette smoker, you also know that fact. Smokers, when confronted with either saving their lives or keeping their cigarettes, will more often choose to keep their cigarettes.

So is the way of big business. 
What big business could be affected by legalization of marijuana?
To begin with, pharmaceuticals. At least seven major lethal cancers have been proven to either been slowed down by processed marijuana, or stopped from growth at all, and some where the cancer is completely eaten away. Total remission, as it were. And at a cost of but a few hundred dollars (US) instead of the present $98,000 - $125,000 per year that a person must pay now for the cure.
In the US alone, there are around 22 million folks with cancers.
Cannabinoid oils are proving to be very useful in battling cancers like these:  Breast, Brain, Lung, Bowel, Skin, Prostate, and some forms of Leukemia. And while insurance companies are paying the larger outlay of the prices, the fact is that the cost is being passed on to everyone who purchases insurance. 
You. Me. All who have any form of income.

Automobile manufacturers, except Ford (they are exceptional in many ways) because in England they are introducing the cannabis bodied Ford...Lightweight, more durable than steel, and perfect for what is needed now. A vehicle that uses less gas, or even no gas at all.
Other countries have their versions...Kestral, Motive, Fiat, Lotus, Mercedes Benz.... and other countries are already way ahead of our technology on this. They will be selling their automobiles to us, soon. And we will buy them because that's what we need, however, then the auto manufacturers will begin to drop in their sales (we've already heard this before, haven't we, folks?) and in need of government assistance to survive. And that money comes from where?
Yes. You, Me, those who have any income.
Why don't they make fuel efficient vehicles, now? Because fuel... Energy at the helm.
When Henry Ford first designed the Model T Ford, he had in mind using hemp oil for fuel, because it could be made at the local level with a renewable source, employing dozens of men, then. Thousands today were it legal. Anyone need a job?
But of course, that would leave out the greedy large companies and their poison of a substance. 
Historically, the world was shocked when saddam Hussein set fire to the oil fields in Kuwait because it burned almost 5 million barrels of oil everyday at its peak burn, turning day into night and turning night into hell. But that was many years ago.
Now the world BURNS over 78 million barrels of oil a day, every day.  
The petroleum industries want to sell every drop of oil they squeeze out of the land, beat the ground to earthquakes and sinkholes if it will give them one more barrel. Never mind the poor who have to live anywhere around those places...they should have bought stock and moved far away many years ago.

Steel industries are also against legalization because lightweight is not their goal. Steel and heavy weight is their goal. They cannot match the durable resistance of hemp. They provide steel for bodies of the dinosaurs we call cars and trucks. At a cost to our planet, our environment, and even our own safety. The lesser known fact is that hemp automobile bodies are more durable, lighter weight, and easy to replace--as well as biodegradable when broken into the ground.

Lumber industries are against legalization, because again, hemp and marijuana are a renewable source of wood, paper, fibers for rope and canvas.  In fact, whole houses can be made from marijuana, from foundation in the form of hempcrete, all the way up to the shingles over the roof.
We may still need saws, nails, and screws, but about the rest? Could be made without tearing down a single tree. And some places can make two crops a year.
Cotton is against legalization as well. Hemp makes a finer material, smooth and soft, for clothing or linens.
Synthetics are against legalization because this is not a specialized poison such as rayon, nylon, or similar (when burnt) and again can be grown and processed at a local level. 
In fact, many industries that take in great amounts of money from a wide population without giving anything back to those communities they sell to, are against legalization merely because it is the end of "big business" in many areas.
 It is a way to employ hundreds of thousands of local entrepreneurs.

Now comes the biggest argument that our government uses. The harm that is caused by marijuana. 

A retired Marine Sergeant, Derrick Hale, who served two tours in Iraq, was peacefully sitting on the front stoop of a house, when Wilmington, Delaware police in unmarked cars who had him under surveillance (believing based on his acquaintances that he might be part of a narcotics ring) pulled up and tasered him three times, causing him to go into convulsions and throw up. Because he had not gotten his hand free from his jacket quickly enough (while convulsing) an officer then shot him point blank in the chest with three .40 caliber rounds. 

 Bedridden with pneumonia during a drug raid. Officers kicked open the bedroom door of 84 year old Annie Rae Dixon from Tyler, Texas and “accidentally” shot her. 

IF they use the continued argument of "harm" then we should all be ready to start rising at dawn to perform mandatory calisthenics on a daily basis, be rationed as to how much meat, sugar, fats we can purchase, an end to snack foods altogether including fast food chains (over 365,000 people die because of poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles), an end to peanut butter (remember...124 deaths per year), aspirins and other OTC sports drugs (some 2000 people per year die), speed governors on autos (near 68,000 people die because of fast vehicles per year) turning in all weapons whether guns (26,000 deaths per year), bows and arrows, or knives. Cigarettes? Since they kill over 400,000 people a year, will be outlawed along with alcohol which kills over 75,000 people a year.
Pardon, but let us see the number of people killed by overdose or long term health problems because of marijuana use again .... ZERO. Ever in the entire history of the written word in the entire world. 
And while the government does use the resources of  the National Institute of Health,  it seems that that particular agency may have attempted to patent marijuana plants and all compounds derived from the plant. Not a good stand to speak of their own wants only to deny it to the people who pay their checks, but then, they get an amazingly huge lump of money with which to give away in anyway they see fit, including paying for negative results in what is supposed to be an impartial study. There are other agencies, of course, that have added to the wealth of medical information the government uses, including thedoctors and nurses at the DEA, US Parks Services, and (evidently  politicians without an iota of medical training whatsoever like Doctor Diane Feinstein, Doctor Barrack Obama, and the leader of the fiasco, Doctor Harry J. Anslinger)
Yes, sarcastically stated. These people are NOT doctors, nor have they ever had any medical training...Even though President Obama, who flatly stated that marijuana has absolutely no medicinal benefit, hails from Harvard, one of the earliest colleges touting the possibility that it was a possible cure for cancer (Harvard Medical, 1974)
at the bottom of the resources, there is a partial list of the thousands of doctors (real) and researchers and hundreds of medical research centers that bear out that marijuana is almost entirely without any harmful edge

SWAT conducted a no-knock drug raid in Osawatomie, Kansas, complete with flash-bang grenades. Willie Heard was shot to death in front of his wife and 16-year-old daughter who had cried for help. Fearing home invasion, he was holding an empty rifle. The raid was at the wrong house. 

 An unarmed man with no prior offenses, John Hirko was shot to death in his house by a squad of masked Pennsylvania police. In a no-knock raid, they tossed a smoke grenade in through a window, setting the house on fire. Hirko, suspected of dealing small amounts of marijuana and cocaine, was found face down on his stairway, shot in the back while fleeing the burning building. When the fire was finally put out, officers found some marijuana seeds in an unsinged plastic bag. 

In August of 1999, Mario Paz, a 64 year old from Compton, California, was shot twice in the back in his bedroom during a SWAT raid looking for marijuana. No drugs were found.

Reckless and Irresponsible? Yes. The DEA is exactly that.......
And the latest lies to convince the American people of the harm of marijuana?

During a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing recently, Michele Leonhart, the dim light heading the DEA, said she expected a number of things to happen after Washington and Colorado were allowed to go forward with the legalization of marijuana last year. What she didn't anticipate was the impact on man's best friend.
"There was just an article last week, and it was on pets. It was about the unanticipated or unexpected consequences of this, and how veterinarians now are seeing dogs come in, their pets come in, and being treated because they've been exposed to marijuana," Leonhart said.
In case you are wondering, The House Appropriations is the committee in charge of giving money to government organizations, and as most adults know,
Always ask for more and make up reasons for more even if the need does not exist.
First, the article she speaks of was a sidebar from PeTA, an organization that wants to do away with seeing eye dogs, would rather test humans for new medicines than laboratory animals, and who regularly accept pets and animals from the public under the guise of finding new homes, which they then euthanize.
Second, Leonhart never spoke a word about household plants that have legally adorned homes for over a century, nor did she offer any replacement ideas for such common items as Anti-freeze for automobiles, which actually draws dogs to it to drink, and a lethal dose is not that large, depending on the size of the dog.

The DEA is not a medical agency of the government even though they think they are. They have less understanding of historical change than many so called "conservatives," but still they yammer on about the  harm of marijuana to the country, when it's their own wallets they care about.
Even though the greatest harm has been the militarization of police, their own despicable behavior, and a want to continue their jobs of coercion and legal theft.  Which reminds me... Since it is legal in the US for any police to murder any citizen with or without reason or warrant, I suppose I am putting my own life on the line. But the truth is more important, and should be shared freely, so, feel free to copy this entire page and spread the word.
If you have friends or family with cancer, alzhiemers disease, MS or CP tremors, Glaucoma, or some eating disorder where the appetite needs a boost....... Or if you or a friend or family needs a job....... Or if you are as tired of high taxes as most citizens in the US and don't want to continue to waste resources over another century as per Washington DCdictates and demands.
If you want an end to the border wars, an end to rich drug dealers, an end to big business buying politicians, and perhaps you want to come home on the weekends and smoke a little high without doing harm to your body, or, if you are like just want to grow a field large enough to make a decent outbuilding or garage, some canvas to paint on, and your own clothes....
Copy it all and reprint it on your blog. 

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