Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wanted: Human Beings to Serve the People

A friend of mine once said that it didn't matter who we voted for, both parties were the same. And indeed, the two terms of President Obama were politically in line with that idea...except there was an added dimension, and it isn't improving any.


Now, the gop says they are not being bigots...they aren't against the man because of his color, but rather because of his policies. In fact, Mitch McConnell has been saying that since one and a half hours after President Obama's inauguration...that he disliked the new President's policies.
Even though there had been none made by an hour and a half after the inauguration.

On the other hand, tax breaks continued to fuel the pockets of the 1% and they greedily sucked it up as fast and furiously as they could. Such a were these filthy rich individuals completely ignoring the Declaration Of Independence to get richer faster off the backs of poor people. "Ignoring the Declaration" you may ask...

The last line of this paper that made America great...

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

No changes were made by me...these are the words as they were written. It seems the rich have decided that they have paid enough and want to stop paying for their easier, comfortable lives. It isn't so unlike the Monarchy that ran this country prior to the Revolutionary War. In fact, the similarities are glaring reminders... the gop is known as the "red" in red coats?
Their bent is absolute law as in communism, only when one of their own fails then we are expected to forgive and forget. Well, I'm not sorry to add, Bush junior murdered over 4300 lives in a war that had no other purpose than to glut on more oil, and NO! It is NOT important to try to corner the market of oil!
The last eight Presidents all said the same thing! Ex-President Nixon, President Ford, President Carter, Reagan, President Bush, sr., President Clinton, Bush junior, and President Obama: "We need to discard the yoke of foreign oil!" (paraphrased)

Are we any closer to that goal? Not one bit! The petroleum industry has thrown stumbling blocks in front of wind and solar energy even though both are ample replacements. The Tea Baggers and gop of this country say there is a movement to redistribute wealth, and the wealthy call it communism, but, they ignore the fact that without the redistribution of wealth, we would still be riding in horse and buggies. Washing our clothes in the river.
A redistribution of wealth in this day and age calls for opening up forms of cheap energy (wind, solar, man made) and hiring more people (the present techniques are archaic nonsense that make more and more income for fewer and fewer people) and this is a distinct antithesis of the general call to states' rights.
You see, States' rights mean that each group be in charge of their own destiny, yet when it comes to individual destinies, a call is made to federal power structures, not unlike an oxymoron of policies. We are free to sell death in the form of war toys to anyone, but items that have no death shadows are illegal.

There are not that many points Americans want. We are a simple lot, and for the most part, only want to be free to attain things that mean something to us.
--Women's Rights... one of two points that got President Carter out of the White House. (the other was compassion for the poverty stricken)
--Legalize Marijuana... it has been a long, useless war with no purpose other than to let police forces exercise their power over the population.
--An End of Corporate Buying of Politicians... the Supreme Court made that a freedom of speech issue even though their words rang untrue. Corporations are BUYING politicians to get what they want, and to call that "freedom of speech" is to give credence to the supreme court of the early know the one I'm speaking of. The one that gave us the Great Depression. In fact, an end of polical treasure chests altogether. If they are serious contenders of political office, then they should get free air time to debate and speak their minds--teevee, newpapers, magazines, radio... MEDIA. Free, equal time .
--A Way to Dissolve a politician that does not do (or at least try) as they say they will do.
--The Power to Self Determination of ones' own body and life. That includes abortion, suicide, and whether or not they want to go to war.
--An end to the Rabble Rousers that call for higher fences between borders, that call for an end of immigration. What we need to do is have an organized system of accepting tax paying citizens, perhaps in smaller numbers, but, not based on race, religion, skin color, gender, and individual differences.
--An END of Handguns, which are made for only one reason...To kill other people.
--Free education for any that want to learn.
--Free Universal Health Care.

There may be another dozen ideas I have not covered, but, these are examples of just how simple we are. We don't need more lawyers in the Senate, Supreme Court, Congress, or the White House. What we need is Human Beings...

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