Sunday, August 25, 2013

Those Who Dance Seem Crazy by Those Who Don't Hear the Music

If you type in "Anonymous" on the google search bar, they dredge up 145 million bits of things under that name, though the first entire page (17 items) are of Anonymous, the character at large.

Page two begins with a definition...given by the Free Dictionary

a·non·y·mous  (-nn-ms)
1. Having an unknown or unacknowledged name: an anonymous author.
2. Having an unknown or withheld authorship or agency: an anonymous letter; an anonymous phone call.
3. Having no distinctive character or recognition factor: "a very great, almost anonymous center of people who just want peace" (Alan Paton).
What can a man say anonymously? Should be anything.
Is there any precedent for the state of anonymous?
The American people VOTE anonymously.
Why? Aren't they willing to publicly state who they are voting for?
In fact, from the top down, politicians are bought, traded, and sold anonymously...They have no mandate to provide their donators. 
But is big business now looking to take away the anonymity of individuals? Maybe in comments at Huffington Post they are, however, it could just be a new migration away from that setting. Indeed, perhaps it is better that the seeds sewn that begin its own end were planted by themselves.

Shame, though, because it was a fairly nice place to visit the world of news...  with (electronic) acquaintances,
with friends,
with some of the best minds and best comedians, too, 
Most quite friendly, civil, and responsible folks. 
But a few grains of sand in the sugar and the staff of Huffington Post decides... an end to anonymity.
Interesting business ploy, to be sure. Absolutely throw away (roughly) 20%  of the people who regularly go to HuffPo (an acceptable abbreviation) and though a bit of Blatant Blanket Coverage (or, BBC with no connection to the British Broadcasting Corporation)  that would mean throwing away 20% of Liberal Democratic voters. 
Now it's also true that about 20% will STAY, without question. At least at first. Those who already post under their real names. They post to business, mostly. Science and Religion as well. I would include Media, but then, guess what? None of the kids today know who Marion Mitchell Morrison is. In fact, there are a fair amount of sixty year olds who I just called "kids" because they didn't remember John Wayne's real name. So, who in the dickens knows if anyone from Media even remembers their own real name?
The middle 60% may just become as a calm sea. 
Half will go but not as often... or ...Half will go more often, but reduce their comments.
Yes, it will be interesting to watch what will happen over the course of time.
Maybe advertisers aren't really needed so much, eh?

Like the bank that only gave change. That's all they did, give change.
And when asked how they made money, they said, "Volume"

Hey, good Luck, HuffPo! 
You're becoming a blog, again!
You need all the luck you can get.


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