Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some Information on Abortion

The first one is concise, though not as interested in specific numbers so much as the rationale of those who get abortions.
And yes, there are many interesting perspectives, and written with a straightforward manner, easy to understand.

This one is a map showing numbers in states...

If a man says he has the power to stop abortions, he should be ignored.
The people who are able and ready for their child are one thing,
while someone's ability to bring up a child during a time when some countries give credit against a child's wages later in life...
A plain statement is, a lot don't want to, but most are relieved.
That sounds more like survival.

Does the "MAN" pay?
There's two ways to look at that...
The "MAN" does pay, if it is used as the "MAN", the Fed, the Bosses, Taxpayers.
Another way is to realize that some men have no honor,
and maybe at times the woman realizes that...after the fact...
but then it is up to the WOMAN, not the "MAN" whoever he is.

I still find it somewhat amusing that some men don't even understand why a women would not feel like a full citizen. Amusing in the same sense of the word incredulous. Inconceivable!

Shawn Wallace used that word dozens of times when Mandy Patinkin finally commented to him, "I don't think you know what that word means..."
Mandy plays the part of Inigo Montoya.
"I am Inigo Montoya, and I search for the man with six fingers to avenge my father."
well, moxnix...

But women have no recourse in courts because most have no rights offered.
Equal pay?
The courts point to the businesses and the businesses point to the Congress, and the Congress point to the Supreme Court, and so on and so on. Jimmy Carter put his Presidential career on the line to battle for this one small concession...
Give Women Equal Rights.
Not more, not less.
Is it on the books?
Then it doesn't exist, and with that in mind, talk of being in control of a woman's body IS curtailing that person's rights. Men can get viagra type products, paid for via insurance, but a woman couldn't get a contraceptive?
Why not!?
Because the goptp and the tea partiers have been down playing, back biting, and resisting to their best degree the Affordable Health Plan...otherwise known as Obamacare, though I think that's such a stretch. Nixon came up with it first, in this century, but somehow lost his credibility when he quit, you know? Like, everyone knows he was bad, but, let's not sully the White House.
Nonetheless, the Affordable Care Act I believe covers contraception, and if a church employee wants it, they have the full right to get it.

But, someone more familiar with the laws should look that up. With fifty states, and now rogue states being hi-jacked by the likes of McConnell, Perry, Scott, Walker... Some to the extreme detriment of their own health and paying with their lives, while some are intent on pretending they are the "deciders" instead of doing what their own population told them to do.  Then there are states that publicize that they are pro-death, "Shoot'em up at the OK Corral" kind'a folks that also advocate less freedoms for individual choice when marijuana is concerned. Most speak from so many different parts of their mouths that they are reminiscent of a Leslie Organ with its spinning speakers.

I have heard it said that women who get abortions are committing murder. Usually from the same people who think bush junior didn't commit murder by sending over 4300 of this nation's troops to a war he made up. But, "murder"... Or it comes from the same mouths that proclaim their rights to handguns...for self defense. Well, buddy boy, that's just legal murder, so, you might as well get off your self righteous high horse.

If the word "murder" be included, then the drunken bastard that raped the fifteen year old and got her pregnant is the one who committed murder!
That the clown who took off his wedding ring for a fling, that went out for cigarettes after sex, committed murder when he neither came back, or even cared for the woman.
And then she IS sorry she can't afford to bring up a child in an environment that grows ever so restrictive at every turn...steals away rights under the guise of moral thinking. Only as with most morals, they are also ripe with the fruit of double standards. You offer no health care, but you expect the woman to must have the child. SHE must live in poverty while the man lives with his wife happily ever after. That is beyond controlling a person's life.
A recent attempt at governmental discrimination is the ending of mandatory school attendance, and if you don't understand the full implication of that, consider just how blunt the government is.
First, do away with mandatory schooling, next lay off huge populations of teachers, close down schools, stop building new schools, and suddenly, only the rich have schools, probably in the course of twelve years.

OK, it's obvious to me that I'm going off.
I hate bigotry, I hate people who think all their problems are because of Liberals, and, in general, I hate ignorance. There is no call for ignorance, unless we have let the goptp and the tea party to get their slimy meat hooks into our noses, and with a YANK! pull us all into a world where they can shear us of what they want and then discard us like so much trash.

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Maxwell , I don't have an email , other than for Huff Po , You have a gift at writing , and I don't say that lightly , I'm Enemas of the State , so you know how I feel..I think you need to write more , whether it be a story , or more along these lines..You have an amazing gift..Thank You so much for sharing..~!~
P.s. While I'm at it I also enjoyed the video and the line from Harry J Anslinger made me cringe , Again my friend , Thank You for sharing..~!~