Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ask a Caveman Where to Live

Whether melded into the rocks or trees, or buried half in the ground, and in recent years even inside metal caves, shelter held the imagination of mankind. With the housing bust of late, some states think that they can keep a better profile by lying about housing prices in assessments and fees such as taxes, yet, the part they want to not know is that they are setting us up for yet another housing boom.
As a guess, I'm going to extrapolate a few points...
-Indiana is a Republican state, and will toe the gop line no matter what it is
-With the taxes capped at 1% of the home price, the only way they can get more money is to give false assessments
-The price of the home, artificially raised by the state will create the higher cost of housing
-The higher cost of housing will create another bubble of people not able to sell their homes
-KNOWING that Mitt Romney has NO CHANCE to win the Presidential election for his dishonesty, his flip-flopping on EVERY issue since campaigning, and his stubbornness of acting stupid (almost sparking war every time he speaks overseas) the best way to douse the Democrats' 2016 run is to completely disable the American government to the point where they can say they are needed to fix the problem...even though THEY contributed heavily to this demise.


 Finding protection from the outside has been an interesting prospect since the cavemen came to the realization that they WANTED to mow the grass...

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