Sunday, February 12, 2012

You Know something?

I started asking two questions back at the two biggest sides of the argument, and both sides shut the hell up.
The ones who were screaming "GLOBAL WARMING! GLOBAL WARMING!" I would ask "What can be done about it?"
And after the usual crap about using less, cutting down on CO2 emissions, work on alternative fuels...I would ask again and this time for specifics...and answers did not come.
What CAN be done?
Nothing, save telling everyone on Earth to stop doing what they're doing, and do something less harmful to the environment.
Yeah...I'll start down at the GMC plant.

And on the other side were the brainless who think Global Warming is a hoax created by the Liberals
(they're out there, out)
I would ask this, "Whether or not there is Global Warming, do you want to live in a swamp of garbage and oil strewn water?"
and no answers.
Probably trying to figure out what strewn meant.

So...where IS everyone?
Off on another adventure, it seems, tracking down their own personal windmills...
Global Warming?
Well, the Global Warming Alarmists are creating as much waste as ever trying to get the word out... about Global Warming! (THE SKY IS FAILING! THE SKY IS FAILING!)
And GMC has plans for a bigger, gas hog of an Cadillac SUV so folk can drive REAL fast to the next meeting of scientists and businessmen.
Indiana's leading the charge with their bitching and moaning about wanting soft coal with no scrubbers.

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