Sunday, August 7, 2011

ALRIGHTY, then....Let's Get Started

These pages will be my "dump" of events, heat sources, and statistics. Some of the new research has given even MORE on the subject that I had not considered prior.
For example, did you know that CO2 does NOT create heat?
Nor CO3.
But, we'll get back to that...
Other things I discovered are two items being negated by the going concern of scientists.
#1 The RATE of temperature cooling periods MAY be faster than the warming trends, which brings new dynamics to the table. Also, new dangers not usually spoken of.
#2 (and this isn't going to fly as well with SOME, but, it's merely a historic accounting) Scientists today don't have a monopoly on "end of the world" chanting. It seems that Governments have used the cry of "the End" as well as religions...
and the perspective of that is...facts aren't firm till consensus is made, but, that's the same "science" used to disprove motorized flight, educate people on specific energy programs, create a scare of marijuana, dictate the use of seat belts, eggs are good for us, eggs are bad for us, eggs are good for us, eggs are bad for us, ...
Why don't the scientists just go ahead and ask for the "answer sheet" when they're in those political offices... puckering up and grabbing some tax cash. It doesn't mean they're bad... Only that they need income and here's their little trick. And, the more specialized, the more the term "One Trick Pony" comes to mind.
Science dances to the tune of money, folks. And isn't THAT so very American of them? So very capitalistically inclined? They're not doing this for the good of mankind, they're not doing this because they are driven by the quest of intellectual understanding, and they're SURE not doing it because they're really nice guys who just want to help the world.  Hell no.
Doing it for a buck.
They have their needs (and most of those needs creates heat) but all that proves is there is a symbiotic relationship of money/individual/statement. 
And how do I know THAT? Know "what" 
That some scientists really care, but most have their Air Conditioner blaring  at the neighborhood to keep an empty house down around what? 65? 60?
The SUV ride to work on congested highways built of asphalt (what color "creates" heat from sunlight?), the opulent buldings they work in (also miniature heat producers) And, WHY will I keep coming back to this point?

It is NOT CO2 that is causing the warming.
It CAN'T be. Because
so, let's start with those "dumps."
for the most part, I will be honest with my grabbing information. Precisely because I am not a scientist in the degreed field, but rather a scientist enough to realize that when there are disassociated events, theories, or proofs, then someone is trying to pull a fast one.
When disagreement has been eliminated before publishing... Well, it looks more like a lie than ever.
Because I'm tall, and you're short.
again... too bad. 
Because the one fact that science, or religion, or governments cannot answer is...
but a pool of 6.6 billion? 
Someone might just have a good idea.

So, when this begins, there will be a fairly long period where I put all the ideas together. If you see that I have left computations, events, non-events, or ANY information out...
Put it in the comment box, and I WILL go fetch the specific information (or, make it easier and leave a link) and it WILL be included.
At some point this will all seem backwards because the pages publish from rear to fore. Moxnix (Machts Nichts) It doesn't matter.
I will be turning some of these pages into huge calendars, large enough to accomodate historical facts.
In the long run, this will be a thermometer.
The amount of intelligence it takes to go out and scream at your thermometer couldn't be that high, because, it isn't theory.
It's the temperature.
I'll try to stay to Celsius, primarily because the rest of the world does.
Like metrics.
Easy math.
How many centimeters in a kilometer?
How many inches in a mile?
(those of you who have t o pull out a calculator for EITHER of those answers should go to a nearby GoodWill Store, and buy a bunch of clothes, trinkets, books, and then take them to a local mission, or any GoodWill drop box, and donate it all)

Not lacking in attitude, I will toss in going statements that some say need to be addressed. But the organization of that will be  ... interesting, to be sure.
In any case...
feel free to contribute, or, if you see a mistake, state what it is (though, Celsius32  is degree Celsius 32)(freezing, I believe, is its base. If I find there's far more K (absolute zero) for any period, I'll use that, but, near as I can tell, it won't be needed for most of mankind's presence here. Just the historical maps.

But, the point is, contributr, converse, or don't...that's your call.
Don't dismantle ANYONE'S thoughts when you're here, however.
I don't care if the Tennessee governor comes by and says te Earth started on October 17, 4004 BC...
If the visit is polite and adds to the discussion, that's OK.
(Probably would be asked for some links, though. That's fair.)

But may have an idea of...


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