Monday, May 21, 2012


While most people knew that Reagan used his arms and hands a LOT during speeches, and spoke with grand gestures, the man was a professional. He would throw both hands out in front of him like a fireworks display...REALLY GRAND gesture.
GREAT to see in person!
What most people DON’T know is he also had a lot of ear hair.
No... I MEAN a LOT. GOBS of it. More than the eyebrows of Andy Rooney.
BOTH eyebrows!

That business about not hearing because of the helicopter? Nosiree. They were plenty far away from those choppers, enough for him to hear, only he had all that ear hair.
And he would use his thumbs to occasionally clear out some hairs to hear.

Well, one day, Nancy asked him to fix a vase she had broken, and he fixed the vase, Nancy asked something or other, he put his thumbs in his ears to clear out some hair, and THAT’S when he discovered he had huge puddles of SUPER GLUE on each thumb.

BUT, He HAD to give a speech, that night. There was no getting around it.
And he STILL tried to “talk with his hands...
in fact, wanted to do his fireworks display, too...
and well.
There you have it.
He's opening and closing both hands,
and making a
noise with his mouth.
This photo is his impression of fireworks.

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