Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the Question of Global Warming

It's not a question of is it real...Well documented facts from various sources have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt  that there is a warming trend now, and that it is languishing for far longer than some have in the past. The argument has been, of late, whether mankind is causing the global warming, and that is just unbelievably magnanimous.
More than likely it is a political confrontation between those who want to conserve the Earth's resources and those who want to liberally use those resources. And that, in an odd sort of way, is a joke in itself. For it is the liberals who want to conserve, and it's the conservatives who want to liberate the resources.
But the question remains: Is MANKIND creating the warming trend? I have gathered what I could find on the internet, trying to be careful to get at least two perspectives from different camps. That, I felt, would keep me from overwhelming any one idea as paramount.
First let's look at the pendulous swing. Note how the temperature is near symmetrical swing, first cool, then warm.
This is a natural occurrence. In the graph above, even with the shift upwards, we continue to see a back and forth reading. Gives it a saw-like edge, and we will be seeing that same edge, only closer as it is advanced to the present.
That's because as the Earth warms, it creates the situation for it to cool. And then, as it cools, the situation is created to make it warm. Not just seasonally, mind you, but rather over several years...sometimes scores of years. And, on at least two periods, centuries.
Note the two circles central in the graph. The peak of warmth was followed by a near symmetrical cool period during both. The first, the cold following the heated period dipped to the most extreme temperature found, while the length of the warming on the second was followed by a twice dipped temperature reading that, while not as cold as the first, was ample to create glaciers, some of which exist today, though fast melting...
No sense in making anything of the year break at the far right, as the time period is greatly distorted in comparison.
My theory is that, while mankind did not cause the global warming, the effect is being artificially extended, and, because of the extension, a severe cold will follow, as ell as, then, an even longer warm period following that. In other words, our affecting the environment will create an ever increasing echo, possibly to the detriment of life.


ary said...

Hi! you really put a lot of work into this, but for me still it doesnt add up.

There is so much more info on the previous part... why is this one so thin?

I understand the idea of us affecting the natural pendulum, but I was hoping to find more data to sustain it on this section.

maxwelldog said...

it has to do with the nature of the beast called blogger.
It's upside down, to begin with, and then I have about a half dozen folders crammed up in "save as draft"

I try to contact every source I use, and some of it is fairly old. I didn't expect that, truthfully.

Good news, bad news, same ol' news:
It is an ongoing project, now, as it intrigues me as to the validity of my theory (pendulum concept may not be original, but, so far I haven't found much backing for it; on one hand, there are ecologists that don't want to lose ground on the warming issue even though it is obviously the mechanism that brings the following cold, and anti ecologists don't want to ever admit that they have any effect on the Earth's stability) so, I will be continuing the study.
Right now I have a more important event in my life...4 degree weather, and as we heat an entire two story house with a single fire stove, that takes the priority ticket.

As you have a blue name up there at your comment, I'll be glad to drop a line as I get information published here. It is for a friend I met in youtube, and we're both interested in whatever can be found, although, as he put it, there's a good chance neither of us will be alive by the time all the rest of the data is posted and then checked by three other interested scientists.

If ever you have information bearing in either direction, feel free to drop in a link. I promise to look and try to poke it in here.

Thanx for stopping by.